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Zeo Sleep Manager Pro
Usage Tips

What is the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro
The Zeo Sleep Manager Pro system consists of a lightweight true EEG brainwave monitor “pod” which snaps onto a replaceable and adjustable headband. A standard 5-volt micro-USB charging cord and wall charger are also included.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Pro is an amazing little and unique device. It contains a high-performance differential instrumentation amplifier which is sampled and digitized at 128 Hz. A Silicon Labs 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 runs a fast fourier transform (FFT) to process sets of those “time domain” samples into their instantaneous spectral content. The combination of this “frequency domain” spectrum data, plus artifacts of detected eye muscle movement, are fed into a laboratory pre-trained neural network expert system to determine the wearer's current sleep or wakefulness state.

Much as many may wish it, nothing you wear on your wrist, place beside or underneath you on your bed, or next to you on your bedside table, can possibly determine the internal state of your brain. Before discovering the Zeo, I tried all of those things. They are worse than worthless junk. And, most sadly, while they probably can count your steps and monitor your heart rate, it was their utterly false claims of “can also monitor your sleep” that were responsible for driving Zeo ‑ the only product that actually can do that ‑ out of business.


Note that a San Diego, California based company, ResMed purchased Zeo's intellectual property. Sadly, ResMed produces another of the cannot possibly (and doesn't) work bedside sleep monitors, the S+. It bathes the sleeper in microwave radiation and uses the Doppler-shift in reflected microwaves to detect upper body motion and respiration. Aside from bathing its user in microwaves, which seems somewhat contradictory to health-promoting, and having no idea what's going on inside the sleeper's brain, thus being more wrong than right, it is confused by anyone else who might be sharing the same bed. No thanks.

NEW  (2016/5/10)  free, open source Zeo Companion application
An android developer and Security Now! podcast follower took up the challenge of creating an updated and feature-packed Zeo data collection application. And, as you'll see, calling this work “feature packed” is no exaggeration. If you are a current Zeo user you will likely find a great deal of additional value here:

Zeo output samples from my own use
I've been using this device to analyze my sleep for the purpose of gaining insight into my early awakening “sleep maintenance insomnia.” To that end I have taken nightly recordings of my EEG and sleep patterns and have produced the following charts, among other:

Miscellaneous Zeo stuff

Tips for Zeo use


If you come up with any more tips, let me know and I'll update this guide.

What can go wrong?
The only known weakness of the Zeo system is that its internal 3.7v lithium-polymer (LiPo) cell is not designed to be user replaceable (like most smartphones, tablets, etc.) and we know that LiPo cell technology has both a finite cycle lifetime and also a maximum shelf life. I assume that eventual failure will manifest as incomplete nighttime monitoring as the cell runs out of juice sometime during its nightly monitoring. The good news is Zeo pods have been successfully cracked open, and LiPo cells of similar size and capacity are widely available. So when the time comes, we may have a ready solution for those who wish to continue using the Zeo system far into the future.

302025-LiPoThe original Zeo battery measures 22mm x 21mm x 3mm. It appears that many compatible batteries are available in bulk from Chinese suppliers for around $6. The sample pictured to the left is also 3mm thin and 25x20mm which would appear to fit the Zeo's enclosure. If the ZeoBand people do succeed in firing up a replacement Zeo headband business, perhaps they can also purchase and resell replacement Zeo batteries. Either way, it appears that anyone who wants to keep their Zeo's alive for years will have the means to do so.

Sweet (monitored) Dreams!


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