Quickly spot-check any USB mass storage drive
for fraudulent deliberately missing storage.

Mistakes happen and sometimes we cannot resist adding an important new feature. In case you're curious, here's ValiDrive's release history:

  • v1.0.0 – (2023/10/06) ValiDrive's initial release.
  • v1.0.1 – (2023/10/08) Allow false-positive CFA warning to be bypassed.
    ValiDrive's very low-level access to the system's physical drives would be dangerous if malware was allowed to do it. So Windows' Controlled Folder Access (CFA) is sometimes enabled to prevent this potential danger. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't give an application any warning when it's about to transgress – the application is summarily terminated. ValiDrive tries to detect and warn its users when CFA might be enabled, but this can sometimes be triggered when CFA is not enabled. The initial release of ValiDrive did not allow this possible false positive detection to be bypassed, but v1.0.1 does.
  • ValiDrive

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