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MagFingerprint  Fingerprints

Please use the web form below to send us any feedback — thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions, or whatnot — regarding our HTTPS Fingerprinting service.

PLEASE DO NOT use this page for any other type of feedback.
We have other pages available to route non-fingerprinting feedback,
questions, etc. to the proper person.  See the bottom of our
Home page for product sales and support contacts, and the
Security Now feedback page for Security Now feedback. Thanks!

Optional information:
You may leave everything below blank to send a completely anonymous note. Or you may
provide whatever information you like. I can't reply to your note without an eMail address
(obviously).  So it's up to you.  But either way, no record of your eMail address will be
retained (you will not be added to some mailing list without your knowledge or permission),
it will only be used as the (optional) source of this message sent to me in order to enable a
possible reply.

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