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Acoustic Management of Unruly Dogs from a Distance

Dog Barking remains an unsolved problem.

The disturbing noise pollution created by the persistent, unprovoked barking of either one's own, or a nearby neighbor's, pet canine has provoked endless neighborhood angst, dispute & conflict. In some areas, untamed, roaming & proactively aggressive dogs terrorize the surrounding human population. These problems have invoked and involved local authorities to little avail. And they have created an industry of largely ineffective would-be remedies.

The problems are real, recognized, well known and well understood. They cry out for a solution. But still the problems continue unabated.

These “Quite Canine” pages document the early stages of our exploration into the design and development of an entirely benign, yet hopefully effective, “acoustic deterrent” technology. This technology is designed to startle a dog into silence by responding to unprovoked and persistent barking with a brief, harmless, and completely unfamiliar burst of loud high-pitched audio sound.

If this is proven effective, we hope that it may finally represent a long sought after solution which will rapidly train way one's own, or a neighboring, dog's unprovoked barking.

But . . . hasn't this been done before?

Conceptually, yes.   Effectively, no.

The briefest search of the Internet on the topic of dog barking quickly reveals both the ubiquity of the problem and the vast number of would-be solutions being offered and sold. Yet we ourselves have tried a great many of these existing commercial solutions, and we hear universally from others that none of them have worked well, consistently, reliably, or effectively. The problem remains unsolved.

With the aid of canine-harassed testers, we will
determine whether the GRC approach to solution
engineering might solve this problem at last.

Welcome to our journey.


GRC's “Quiet Canine” Pages:

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