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ASPI Device Identification and Enumeration

This ASPI device IDentification program was born from my research into the Zip and Jaz "Click Death" phenomenon. I decided to create the Trouble in Paradise (TIP) freeware application to detect troubled Zip and Jaz drives. But I first needed to plow into ASPI device programming, which was something I hadn't done before. I created this simple but useful ASPI device identifier and enumerator as a first ASPI programming application.

Less than 14k bytes in size, this Win32 program, ID.EXE, is the result:

Click Here to Download ID.EXE (13k)

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ID.EXE runs under Windows 95/98, and NT 3.51/4/2000 and XP (Not Win32s or WinCE). Operating through the ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface), ID.EXE shows the SCSI and ATAPI devices in your system, detailing their SCSI ID's, device type, manufacturer, description, internal revision number, and whether the media is fixed in place or removable.

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