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An Iomega customer named Rick has invested a great deal of time over in the newsgroup listening to everyone's reports of success and failure with getting the people at Iomega to acknowledge and take responsibility for the Click Death problem and coaching them in what to say in order to get the message across.

Since Rick's compendium of experience is very valuable information for people who need to return out of warranty Click Death drives, this page contains his most current strategy guide for dealing with Iomega. It will be updated from time to time as he further refines his guidelines, and as Iomega's ever-drifting policies change with the wind.

Posted by "Rick" on on 10/23/98
First, read the entire section at Steve Gibson's site about getting out of warranty replacements. That's my information up there at: (the page you were just on)

When calling DO NOT connect to tech support or the warranty department. Use the Customer Service option from the voice menu. It should be the last option on the menu. Tell them you have a click-death drive and want to speak to someone about getting it replaced. They may transfer you to tech support first BUT there is to be no charge for this call when the drive is defective.

The original info at the Iomega site specifically mentioned that there was no tech support charge for people calling with questions about clicking drives. However, I noticed that they have slightly reworded this document of late, implying that they have the right to charge a tech support fee for any out of warranty drive.

Be prepared to reproduce the clicking problem while you are on the phone with Iomega. The last time I had to deal with them I got routed first to tech support for a lot of dumb questions. One or two listens to the repetitive clicking of the drive when it was trying to mount a disk, let alone write a file to it, stopped all the stupid questions and got an RMA issued pronto.

And make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you call. Are you losing data? Does it happen with all disks you have tried? Does it click repeatedly every time you try to write a file to disk? Does the drive refuse to stay spun up and issue a click only a few seconds after you insert a disk? Dump as much information about the problem as possible in their lap before they get to start the stupid question routine.

People have been reporting a lot of variability with their success in getting out of warranty drives replaced. It seems to largely depend on who you get connected to. If all else fails hang up and try again with someone else. (A lot of times it works.) Don't hesitate to mention that you know of a lot of people that have had out of warranty drives replaced. So why not yours?

If they still refuse you can always ask them if this means you will have to wait until the class action lawsuit is settled to get any satisfaction. Information about the click death lawsuit is available at:

Stand firm on the issue and tell them you will find no acceptable alternative but a free replacement for the defective drive. They really don't want another ex-customer out there spreading ill will about their products and support policies.


A hearty thanks to Rick for his efforts in assembling this guide for everyone's benefit . . . Iomega and their customers!

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