Click Death will get YOU! Zip & Jaz Drive
Click Death Research
Click Death will get YOU!

Hi, Steve Gibson here ...

My research into the Iomega ZIP and JAZ drive "Click Of Death" problem is complete ... and I've learned a LOT.

I've learned enough to be able to reliably detect when any user's drive will cause and create the "Click of Death" phenomenon on any disks inserted into it. And I've learned enough to repair and recover from nearly ALL of the results of click death.

The FIRST result of what I've learned will be the creation of a FREEWARE UTILITY which anyone and everyone can use to determine whether any of their Iomega drive products are unreliably writing to their disks. (Unreliable writing is the root cause of Iomega Click of Death.) It's DONE! I call it "Trouble In Paradise" ... and you can get it here!

The SECOND result currently looks like it will be the creation of a completely new 32-bit Windows product to specifically address the special needs of removable media mass storage users.

To understand all about what's going on here, and what I learned and how, you are invited to browse the following pages. They tell the entire story. PLEASE also be sure to subscribe to the GRC Corporate News Blog so I can let you know when to check back here for the free Iomega Drive Tester and the announcement of the new product which will follow it!

Background on Click Death and SpinRite. This briefly tells the story of how I got sucked into all this, why these pages have been created, and the goals for this work.

Initial results with SpinRite. Letters from several users who reported success, but not total joy. This helps explain what I hope to accomplish here.

To receive automatic notification of important news there's ...

GRC's Corporate News Blog. You will only receive news of major events in my ongoing work to understand and cure what's going on with Zip and Jaz drive Click Death.

For more frequent and detailed news, you'll want to check ...

My online research & development diary. As I'm working on this problem I'll record things I think you'll find interesting. It'll be an unstructured, rambling, potpourri of information, observations, findings, and speculation.

And for a compendium of what I've learned so far ...

What I've learned so far. While the diary page will be littered with discoveries, they won't be well organized. So here I'll assemble a coherent and evolving picture of the Zip and Jaz drive technologies.

 Dead Iomega Stuff

I also want to give a special hearty THANK YOU to all of the terrific people who have been sending me their dead Iomega disks and drives. Without them there would be no way I could collect enough data and experience with Click Death to design a solution to this problem. (More equipment is always welcome!) Or as Iomega would say:

What IS the
Click Of Death?
How can I tell if
I have Click Death?
What can I do
Is it contagious? How can I cure it? How does SpinRite
figure into this?
What else has been
written about this?
The anatomy
of a Zip drive
Steve Gibson's
Click Death Q&A
Can you notify me of important news? So what's next?

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