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What's Next For
GRC and Click Death?
Program #2 . . .

"Program #2" is mysteriously referred to within the TIP program as an inexpensive (non-freeware) commercial product that Steve will be developing next. That's still our plan.

During his research into the Click Death problem, Steve discovered many vulnerabilities and special needs that are unique to removable media. Most users of removable media own multiple removable cartridges, and each cartridge has a uniquely different history and current condition.

We believe that there's an unfulfilled need for a kind of highly specialized "database" that would keep track of the current condition and history of each cartridge, while showing its owner a number of amazing things that have never been made available before. This product would be of use for any and all users of Iomega removable media products, whether or not they have ever had any trouble with Click Death. It would serve as a sort of super-duper "Trouble In Paradise" on steroids ... and we think you'll find it incredibly useful.

But, just so you know, before Steve begins on the development of Program #2 he will be developing a very cool eMailing facility for this web site to greatly enhance our ability to keep in touch with you, without bothering you with unwanted mail. The idea is that you'll be able to edit and update your own eMail database record through a web page here. You can determine what sorts of mail you want and what you don't, you can change your mind at any time, add a friend to our list, change your eMail address, or even delete yourself completely.

Once that's running Steve will plow into the development of Program #2.

To be automatically notified of progress on the development of this program, just list yourself with our Corporate News Blog and we'll send you a note when we have news to share.

PLEASE do us the favor of NOT writing to ask when it'll be ready or how it's coming. Replying to such eMail will only slow us down. We really WILL let you know as soon as we have any news! 

The End

Thanks for taking the time to browse this site. We hope you've found the information here to be useful and complete. If you have any suggestions for its improvement we'd love to hear them!

Send a note to: with any
comments, ideas, feedback, or suggestions.

We'll hope to see you again when we have some more news or interesting developments on the Iomega Click Death or removable cartridge front!

What IS the
Click Of Death?
How can I tell if
I have Click Death?
What can I do
Is it contagious? How can I cure it? How does SpinRite
figure into this?
What else has been
written about this?
The anatomy
of a Zip drive
Steve Gibson's
Click Death Q&A
Can you notify me of important news? So what's next?

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