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What Else Has
Been Written About
The Click Of Death?
Steve's Original Research Pages

During the early stages of his research into Zip and Jaz drive technology and the true nature of Click Death, Steve compiled his research notes and diary into a set of web pages for browsers of this site. Those pages have since been superceded by the pages you have been browsing, but if you're curious about the history of his work, or you're interested in additional technical content, you may find those research pages to be an interesting and worthwhile browse:

Steve's Original Zip & Jaz
Click Death Research Notes

Oh, What a Tangled Web . . .

Iomega's unfortunate lack of information, compassion, and support of their Click Death sufferers, has spawned a vast array of news reports and traffic on angry Click Death web sites across the Internet. Assembled below is a comprehensive collection of references for your browsing pleasure. If you discover anything we've missed, please send us a note about the link and we'll consider it for inclusion here. (eMail to:

Click Of Death Press Coverage Chronology

CNET - "Click of Death" strikes Iomega by Paul Festa, Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM, January 30, 1998.
CNET - "Click of Death" a matter of math by Paul Festa, Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM, February 5, 1998.
CNET - Iomega addresses Click of Death by Paul Festa, Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM, February 11, 1998.
ZDNet/PC Week's Jim Louderback covered the story in his February 17th, 1998 columns in ZDNet and PC-Week Online. ZDNN version of the same story here, and PC-Week Online version here.
CNET - "Click of Death" numbers revealed by Paul Festa, Staff Writer, CNET NEWS.COM, February 20, 1998.TEXT.
CNET - Iomega sued over Zip drive noise by Reuters, Special to CNET, September 18, 1998.

Click Of Death Web Sites

The Unofficial Iomega Page Click Of Death Message Board. This is another highly active and spirited online discussion forum and message board.
Iomega, Class Act or Class Action? This is a rather strange page from a very pissed-off Iomega customer. Many such pages exist on the web, so just consider this one representative. (There are many more, but you'll get the idea pretty quickly.)
W-3 Productions Iomega Bulletin Board. Yet another place where people endlessly rant and rave about Iomega. We suppose that at least this way they know that they are not alone in their misery.
Alex Sotelo's Anti-Iomega Page. This has some interesting photographs of Zip drive heads, and some discussion forum dialogs.
Bradley Miller's "Click Death" Fix Page. Brad presents a last resort "take it apart and nudge its guts" approach that has worked for him on several occasions.
"My Zip Drive is Clicking" Thus begins the page on Iomega's own technical support web site for Zip and Jaz drive users.

A Very Useful Site Containing
Iomega Technical Information

Coping With Zip And Jaz Drives This site is maintained by one of the more active and well informed Zip and Jaz drive guru's. Ron (a.k.a. "DeepOne") hangs out in the Iomega Newsgroup (see below). He assembled this web site so he wouldn't need to keep repeating himself over in the Newsgroup. If you're having trouble with any Iomega products (other than the sorts of things we've dealt with here) this is absolutely the best place to look for help!

THE Iomega Zip & Jaz Newsgroup

There is no better way to really understand a subject than to hang out with a bunch of folks who are talking about it from every possible angle. This describes the newsgroup perfectly. (And, yes, "jazz" is misspelled with two z's. There's also another newsgroup with one "z", but it's dead compared with the group with "two z's.")

What IS the
Click Of Death?
How can I tell if
I have Click Death?
What can I do
Is it contagious? How can I cure it? How does SpinRite
figure into this?
What else has been
written about this?
The anatomy
of a Zip drive
Steve Gibson's
Click Death Q&A
Can you notify me of important news? So what's next?

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