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What is "Click of Death"??
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Introducing "Trouble In Paradise"

The FREE way to find out whether you have --
or might soon contract -- Iomega Click Of Death!

Trouble In Paradise -- Opening Screen (49k download)

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Quickly diagnoses any Iomega ZIP or JAZ drives and cartridges.
Warns of impending data loss and/or drive failure.
NO SETUP or INSTALL -- so it can't mess up your system!
Just 49k byte download! -- so it downloads FAST!
Extensive built-in documentation and operating instructions.
Runs under Windows 95/98/NT
TIP v2.1 is fully compatible with all four Iomega drive "sizes"
   (Zip 100, Zip 250, Jaz 1Gb & Jaz 2Gb) and USB drives.

Here is the main "Trouble In Paradise" testing screen:
Trouble In Paradise -- Testing Screen (52k download)
This snapshot shows "Trouble In Paradise" (TIP) running on a Click Death drive. Serious damage on the second head has consumed 44% of that side's spare sectors. (See the red bar in the side 1 graph.) After 51% of the way through, the drive is experiencing numerous "Head Seek Errors" and has encountered 4 unrecoverable data errors. (This cartridge and its data are in trouble.)
With TIP, which is available FREE from this site, you can quickly test any Iomega Zip or Jaz drive and any of your data cartridges.
TIP contains complete operating and usage instructions! Just download and run!  Nothing to install or setup!

Bring YOURSELF Up To Speed FAST!
Browse the following pages to quickly
become a "Click Of Death" expert ...

What IS the
Click Of Death?
How can I tell if
I have Click Death?
What can I do
Is it contagious? How can I cure it? How does SpinRite
figure into this?
What else has been
written about this?
The anatomy
of a Zip drive
Steve Gibson's
Click Death Q&A
Can you notify me of important news? So what's next?

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