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Before you write to us about a technical problem or question, would you be kind enough to check through the relevant self-help page(s) we have created for just this purpose? (See the index below.)

Unlike the vast majority of companies on the Internet, we endeavor to return all of the eMail we receive. But, the tremendous success of the FREE ShieldsUP! Internet connection security testing system — for which we ask and receive NO payment — has been straining our resources to the limit.

Because we really are so swamped with eMail, when we receive a question that has already been answered here, our reply must be limited to asking you to please check the appropriate FAQ or Q&A page. Since you could have done that before writing, YOU could have had your answer sooner (probably right now, in fact!) and WE would have had more time to work on site improvements and develop more cool new technology!

So, while we are certainly standing by to help you with anything that is NOT already covered by the material on this web site, please — before you write — take a moment to review the relevant self-help page(s) to find a complete and thorough answer to the questions you may have!

Thank you VERY much! . . .

 ShieldsUP! Resources:

 The ShieldsUP! FAQ Page contains an extensive and continuously developing collection of helpful information.

 The ShieldsUP! Discussion Forum is a super-active newsgroup which is frequented by many bright and knowledgeable Internet users who can often provide answers to your questions within minutes. You can read the group through our web-based browser (not recommended due to the lack of specific newsgroup support) or by pointing any standard newsgroup reader at our discussion and news server:

 SpinRite Resources:

 The SpinRite Q&A page contains a wealth of specific information about SpinRite's actual operation in the field. This includes work arounds for various common 'gotchas' affecting a small population of SpinRite's users.

Please be sure you have reviewed that page since the chances are
excellent that the answer to your question is waiting there for you!

 The SpinRite Website itself contains a wealth of information which answers questions like: "Will SpinRite be able to help me with such-and-such." Steve spent so much time on these pages that there's virtually nothing about SpinRite that he hasn't clearly explained with detailed diagrams. Check them out!

SpinRite Overview Screen Shots Documentation
Defect Detection Data Recovery Reviews
Exclusive Features Feature Summary SpinRite Q&A
Version History Notify me of important news!

 Complete SpinRite Documentation, including the complete SpinRite Owner's Guide and a technical 'backgrounder', is always available for you to download . . . whether you already own SpinRite or not! Please feel free to browse this literature and product documentation.

 Click Of Death & TIP Resources:

 The Click of Death Q&A page contains information about Iomega's Zip and Jaz drive Click of Death, and about the operation of our freeware Trouble in Paradise (TIP) utility.

 The Click of Death Website contains a wealth of information about the causes, cures, and recourses available to sufferers of the dreaded Iomega Click of Death. Please familiarize yourself with these pages!

What IS the
Click Of Death?
How can I tell if
I have Click Death?
What can I do
Is it contagious? How can I cure it? How does SpinRite
figure into this?
What else has been
written about this?
The anatomy
of a Zip drive
Steve Gibson's
Click Death Q&A
Can you notify me of important news? So what's next?

 ClearType / Free & Clear Resources:

 The ClearType / Free & Clear Q&A dialog page provides a question and answer session in the form of dialogs we've had with the site's visitors. It helps to flesh out the purely factual pages making up the Free&Clear website pages.

 The Sub-Pixel Technology Website provides extensive background in the ways and means of Microsoft's ClearType technology. After reading through Steve's detailed and diagram enriched explanations we'd be surprised if anything was unclear. (Except, perhaps, which direction is 'up'!)

How Sub-Pixel Font
Rendering Works
Turning Theory
into Practice
The Free & Clear
Rendering Demo
The True Origins
of these Ideas
Q & A
Other Resources
on the Web
Sub-Pixel Rendering Home PageSteve's Page

  When All Else Has Failed ...

If you have hunted all over, scoured the site, and still come up empty; if your mouse-clicking finger is tired and sore; we absolutely want to hear from you!

Please send an eMail note to our technical support department at .

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us to keep our
inbound eMail under control so we can provide
the highest quality technical support possible!

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