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Internet Connection Security for Windows Users
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation
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"You mean there's more?!!!" — If you've somehow made it this far, I would understand if you never wanted to read anything else ever again! Right now you probably know way more about establishing and maintaining the security of your computer over the Internet than you ever wanted to. But, sadly, as you have seen on these pages, the inherent security of our Windows-based personal computers is SO POOR that protecting yourself and your personal and private data is almost entirely your responsibility.

In a recent story in InfoWorld Magazine, Microsoft's official position appears to be that users would "rather just have everything work" than have more secure systems. But security experts argue that Microsoft has a responsibility to provide better default security, even if it takes more time and money to develop better products with greater security.

On this page I have assembled a random collection of interesting and useful resources relating to the Internet and security. I think you'll find many of them worthwhile. And if you know of any good links I've missed I would love to know!  I'll add them immediately:

Who is Attacking You?
Any Internet monitor will alert you when someone is probing or attacking your computer. (And you're going to be really surprised how much of that is going on!) But this raises the question is: "Who is this attacker?" It's quite frustrating to have nothing but the attacker's IP address.
   This online database accepts any IP address then displays the official Internet records governing the blocks of IP addresses which include the IP address you supply. It won't generally tell you anything about the specific individual, but it usually provides some idea of the person's location and affiliations.

To make it even easier, I created a field right here
that you can fill-in to find out about any IP address:


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Internet "Sleuthing" Resources:

Security Sites:

Microsoft's Security Advisor Site

Popular Hacker Hangouts

In The News
   10/03/99 — "HacK, CouNterHaCk" — New York Times Magazine
   10/04/99 — Home hackers — U.S. News Online
   10/04/99 — Hack Attacks Spreading — P.C. Magazine
   10/05/99 — Cybercrooks Breach Borders Of Cyberspace — Reuters

What TCP/IP ports do Trojan horses use? (The most comprehensive list!)

Standard TCP/IP "well known" Port Numbers

Check out this cool "BrowserSpy" page!

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