Internet Connection Security for Windows Users
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation

Here's another scanner. This one uses a single window but otherwise functions similarly. An IP scanning range is provided then the "Scan" button is pressed. A standard Windows "tree view" of machines appears, labelled by their IP address.

The tree view can be expanded as shown. The program's accompanying help file tells us that blue arrow icons mean that the share is completely "open" for total access. Clicking an icon prompts for the local drive to use for mapping the contents of this remote drive into the intruder's local computer. At which point the remote drive's contents may be examined, altered, copied, deleted, etc.

Please note that the name of this scanning program, and the IP address range scanned, have been changed. I do not intend to promote NetBIOS shares scanning, nor do I wish to breach the privacy of those computers scanned. However, the scan results are absolutely authentic — I scanned them myself.

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