Internet Connection Security for Windows Users
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation

Trouble Connecting
to ShieldsUP ?

ShieldsUP! briefly establishes a secure, encrypted, connection between your web browser and the ShieldsUP! server to reliably determine your computer's IP address. (It then encodes this for the duration of your testing session and switches back to standard faster connections.)

Since this form of connection is required for all secure web transactions, it is unusual for it to be blocked or to fail. However, some corporations have Internet access policies and "firewall" equipment designed to prevent the establishment of secure Internet connections. If this applies to you it's probably not news that your browser is unable to establish secure connections since many sites, such as those offering secure eCommerce, will also refuse to work for you.

Unfortunately, the brief establishment of a secure connection is the only reliable means for determining the Internet address of your computer. We rely upon it to maintain the high level of accuracy ShieldsUP! has become known for throughout the world. We won't be able to test your system unless you are able to create a secure connection to our server. Sorry.

If you wish, you may also browse through any of the other informative and tutorial pages of the ShieldsUP! site using the links given below:

You are invited to browse these pages for additional information:

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3  Am I in Danger? 
7  Personal Firewalls 
11  FAQ 
4  What Can I Do? 
8  Further Reading 
12  Site Evolution 

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