NOW SpinRite 6.1 – Fast and useful for spinning and solid state mass storage!

A Quick Checklist of SpinRite 5.0's Features:

  Compatible with all "device-driven" drive technologies including Zip, Jaz, SyQuest, LS-120 SuperDisk, and all others.

  Exceedingly simple operation - NO technical knowledge is required.

  Operates upon DOS and Windows compatible FAT-type partitions (12-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit) of any size. Compatible with FAT partitions under Windows NT, but DOS must be booted to run SpinRite.

  Dramatically faster operation. (SpinRite 5.0 is up to ten times faster than versions prior to SpinRite 4.0.)

  Direct hardware-level operation with hard disk controllers and advanced support for IDE, EIDE, and SCSI hard disk drives. SpinRite 5.0 is aware of the latest hard disk drive technologies, including the removable and portable Iomega Zip and Jaz drives.

  Fully compatible with Windows 95 long filenames.

  Directly startable from Windows 3.x and 95/98 without rebooting the system. SpinRite operates in either DOS or Windows "exclusive DOS mode." So if Windows is running it will be automatically shut down while SpinRite runs, then restarted after its completion.

NOTE: For operation with FAT partitions under Windows NT, NT must be manually exited and DOS booted for SpinRite.

  Continual estimation of remaining operating time.

  "Flux Synthesis" surface analysis defect detection. Scrubs hard disk surfaces for latent and potential future defects, removing unsafe regions from use and returning perfect regions to full service. See the Defect Detection page for further information.

  DynaStat data recovery technology performs deep statistical analysis upon unreadable sectors to recover all or most sector data. Where other utilities give up, SpinRite's DynaStat recovers every last bit of data. See the Data Recovery page for further information.

  Drive "fingerprint" technology provides quick startup, default setting recall, usage history display, and long-term adaptive learning.

  Compatible with all popular disk compression technologies.

  Highly accurate and meaningful drive performance benchmarking.

  Dynamic suspend and resume allows SpinRite operation to be interrupted at any time and resumed from the point of suspension.

  Rapid Data Recovery mode scans for endangered data and brings it back to full integrity.

  Drive parameter loss detection. When a system's BIOS "forgets" its drive parameters, SpinRite will tell you what they were.

  Powerful command line options allows many aspects of SpinRite's operation to be fully automated.

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