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Screen Shots
A DOS Program that Does Windows

For maximum flexibility and user convenience, SpinRite is a 96 Kbyte MS-DOS program that can be started from either DOS or Windows. If you start the SPINRITE.EXE program from Windows, SpinRite presents you with an opening screen, then pauses to ask for your permission to shut down Windows and go to DOS where it can have exclusive access to your system's mass storage drives.

The alternative is to simply start or restart your system in MS-DOS (Command Prompt Only) mode, then start SpinRite by giving the command "SpinRite" at the DOS command prompt.

After SpinRite begins running and displays some opening screens, the user will be working within the SpinRite program and able to move among the following screen displays:

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  Graphic Status Display
This comprehensive map of the current drive partition shows the pre-existing condition of the drive (dimmed) and the results of SpinRite's analysis and repair. Any events of trouble or repair are logged into the Detailed Technical Log (see below) and also written to disk to form a permanent record.

  Real Time Activities
SpinRite's current activity and partition status are continually posted to this display. Click the thumbnail image to the left to see the extent of comprehensive information that is continually available.

  Detailed Technical Log
SpinRite translates its findings and actions into simple, easily readable english for posting onto this screen. The same postings are also recorded on disk, creating a permanent, readable, record of Spinrite's findings and activities.

  Surface Analysis Monitor
SpinRite incorporates a "flux synthesizer" to dynamically create worst case data patterns for use during recording surface defect detection. (See the Defect Detection page for more information.) This display monitors the actions of the flux synthesis system.

  Dynastat Data Recovery
Whenever SpinRite runs into trouble reading a disk's data, the Dynastat Data Recovery display snaps into view to monitor SpinRite's statistical data recovery processes and to display the uncertain "erroneous" region of the sector that's currently under analysis.

  Operation Interrupt and Resume
Since thorough analysis and data recovery on large drives can require many hours, SpinRite's operation can be interrupted and later resumed. This display shows the various interruption options that are available.

Before SpinRite begins you may specify a number
of operational settings and view a comprehensive
analysis of your drive's characteristics.

  Setting User Options
A number of options can be set to alter SpinRite's operation. Options include the program's operating mode -- specified as a "testing level", the number of past operation logs to retain, and the type of information to be recorded into the operations log. The options are automatically remembered and preserved until changed.

  Drive Characteristics
When SpinRite first runs on fixed disk drives, it determines and retains detailed characteristic information that allows it to restart immediately whenever it is re-run on the same drive.

  Partition History Information
The "Partition Information" screen summarizes the current condition of the drive and provides a quick reference to the dates and results of the prior five times SpinRite has been run on the partition.

  Choose Drives to Test
When starting SpinRite, the user chooses which logical partitions SpinRite should be run upon. SpinRite can then be left unattended (for example, overnight) with its built-in screen blanker continually informing the user of the program's status.

  Drive Performance Benchmark
SpinRite incorporates an advanced mass storage benchmarking system that generates a metric (Sector Access Velocity) to accurately reflect the observed performance of the entire system.

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