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What Does The World Think of SpinRite?

The other pages on this site have explained why SpinRite is a uniquely powerful and capable one-of-a-kind hard disk utility, and detail how it has been designed and engineered to perform these feats of data recovery and trouble prevention.

BUT THIS PAGE shows what actually happens, out there in the real world, when SpinRite is used by regular people like you, to solve their own unique mass storage problems. This page contains three types of feedback:
Two, complete, professional reviews – one of them in February 2002.
Feedback we've received from SpinRite owners.
Web-based Reviews of SpinRite 5.0 you can read online, and
The reactions from the Personal Computing Press.

Recent Professional Reviews ...

The Accountants Ledger Review of SpinRite 5.0 originally appeared on the "Accountants Ledger" web site. The site was taken down, but the Internet's Web Archive had a copy.

Maximum PC Magazine – Feb 2002: A recent look at SpinRite 5.0 used with modern hard disk drives. SpinRite is still as useful and important as ever.

SpinRite Users Just Like You Speak Out ...

"Your program worked so well, in fact, that I was able to salvage a drive that my other disk utilities reported as unusable!" - Charlie Bradley, Mobile AL

"Your program does more than perform exactly as advertised. It's the most elegant piece of commercial software I've yet seen. I've come to expect good, sturdy programs from major software houses. You've gone beyond that." - Pepper Marts, Albuquerque, NM

"SpinRite is what the pursuit of excellence in the software field is all about. Not only has your program achieved remarkable technical breakthroughs ... but the manual is clear and the program is a joy to use." - John Evans, Berkeley, CA

"This product is invaluable in ascertaining and maintaining the integrity of the hard drive." - Dick Rechlicz, Brookfield, WI

"It makes my three-year old computer feel like a new machine ... operating a hard disk without SpinRite just doesn't make sense." - Cary Brown, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I have one response: WOW!" - Eldin Fender, Clearlake, CA

"SpinRite has proven to be an elegant solution to finding and correcting even the most evasive hard disk problems other disk-testing programs pass up." - Daniel D. Ginzel, College Station, TX

"Spinrite rocks, Im in complete agreement about your small is beautiful approach, but how it does what it does in a 95k exe amazes me. Only last week I made a 200k Microsoft Visual Basic utility, which when made into a installation set, consumed 13 disks... typical."

"I only bought SpinRite yesterday to fix a broken disk, which it did with ease, and I've now got my data back! Keep up the good work." - Andrew Lyon, IT Manager, UK

"... My hard disk problems have completely vanished. If I were to describe SpinRite in a single word, it would be OUTSTANDING." - Gary Vincent, Richardson, TX

The Personal Computing Press Says ...

"All I can say about the Gibson Research people is that they did their homework. You shouldn't underestimate its usefulness. SpinRite is what the word MUST was invented for." - Richard Grehan, BYTE Magazine

"For keeping hard disks in shape, SpinRite is a modestly priced, robust and valuable product." - Ben Meyers, PC Week

"Occasionally a program comes along that's so useful and so superior that it becomes a 'must have' program for almost everyone. Gibson Research's SpinRite is such a program." - Robert Brown, PC Clone News

"After testing SpinRite, I am convinced that it is a must-have product for most users of IBM or compatible PC with hard disks. SpinRite may well be the best investment you can make in the integrity of your system." - Richard O'Reilly, Los Angeles Times

"Now just think about it: No more worrying about the data on your hard disk. Fewer - if indeed any - backups. How can you possibly go wrong with this one?" - Kevin Nickols, PCM Magazine

"I prefer to trust my disks to SpinRite." - Ed Mendelson, PC Magazine

"SpinRite describes itself as a truly new generation of hard disk utilities, which is a marvel of understatement." - Stephen M. Leon, MicroSystems

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