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SpinRite Documentation Online

ALL of SpinRite's available documentation is freely available here for downloading and printing by your computer. The SpinRite 5.0 sales brochure, Owner's Guide, Guide Addendum, and Technology White Paper may all be downloaded at any time, before and after you have become a SpinRite owner and user.

To facilitate the highest quality screen and printed paper presentation, all documents are available as Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The files may be viewed on screen or printed with high quality by using a free PDF file viewer/reader.

If your system does not currently have a copy of the FREE PDF File Reader, you may download it directly from Adobe's web site with the link provided at the bottom of the page.

You are invited to accept the following documentation:

 Click to download the SpinRite Brochure
The SpinRite 5.0 Brochure4 pages
This four page brochure provides a quick overview of SpinRite 5.0's major features, benefits, and capabilities.

Download this Adobe Acrobat file. (44 Kbytes)

 Click to download the SpinRite Owner's Guide
SpinRite 5.0 Owner's Guide35 pages
The Owner's Guide for SpinRite 5.0, discussing all features and aspects of running and using the product.

Download this Adobe Acrobat file. (160 Kbytes)
 Click to download the 3.1 Addendum
5.0 Guide Addendum (You NEED this too!)10 pages
This Addendum to the SpinRite 3.1 Owner's Guide highlights the changes in 4.0 and 5.0. People with a previous Owner's Guide will find this informative.

Download this Adobe Acrobat file. (29 Kbytes)

 Click to download What's Under the Hood
SpinRite's Technology19 pages
"What's Under the Hood" shows you everything about how SpinRite operates and how it performs its magic.

Download this Adobe Acrobat file. (192 Kbytes)

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Acrobat reader.

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