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SpinRite 6.0
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The best way to learn what SpinRite 6.0 can do for you is to click the
PLAY button below to watch this fun, interesting and fact-filled video:
Please wait a few seconds for the video to start downloading so
that it stays ahead of your viewing. (See the progress bar below.)

You may download this MP4 video for local playback with this link: "Product Demo Interviews"

Rather than watching the FLASH video above, you can
also grab smaller “Windows Media Video” (WMV) files
and play them with Windows Media Player:

 A 13.4 megabyte ZIP file containing
SpinRite's two television video clips.

If you'd rather grab the clips separately:
Steve and Leo on TechTV — (8.6 Mb, playing time 11 min.)
This clip was made in Toronto where Leo Laporte hosts his "Call For Help" television show for TechTV. We had a good discussion about how all modern drives have become dependent upon built-in error correction, and how SpinRite 6 monitors the drive's use of ECC (Error Correction Code) on the fly to help provide a highly sensitive early warning of impending drive failure.
Steve and Patrick on TechTV — (4.9 Mb, playing time 6 min)
This clip was made in San Francisco with Patrick Norton, then the host of "The ScreenSavers" television show on TechTV. Patrick and I had a good discussion about the data recovery aspects of SpinRite 6 and how SpinRite is able to recover data even from impossible to read hard and floppy drive sectors.

A few notes about the SpinRite video clips
Contained in ZIP files — The .wmv media file is contained within a .zip file so that your browser will download the entire file into your computer and will not try to begin playing it until the download is complete.  After the download of is completed, open that zip file and click on the sr6_on_techtv.wmv file it contains.
Windows Media Version 9 — Microsoft has made tremendous strides in the quality of their media format in recent years. Version 9 offers significantly better quality at low bit rates than their previous versions. This keeps media files as small as possible. Since all Windows systems are capable of playing Window Media Version 9 files, we have chosen the WMV9 format for the SpinRite clip.
The Version 9 Codec (COmpressor/DECompressor) — Codecs are internal Windows components that are completely separate from the external Windows Media Player which presents a user-interface and appears to play your media files. Even if you choose to use the "classic" version 6.4 media player, or any other older media player before version 9, you can easily, and should, upgrade your system's internal media architecture to play version 9 files. There is no reason not to, and in fact, since it will also play all previous versions as well, this will prevent your Media Player from always trying to connect to Microsoft to "update" itself.
If the clip won't play (or audio only) — If the SpinRite 6 video clip does not play, or plays audio only, your system does not yet have version 9 codecs. Simply go to this page on Microsoft's site to download and update your system's media player codecs. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR MEDIA PLAYER. It will simply give your current media player more capabilities and cause it to try less often to find the missing codecs. Choose the first package unless you're using the classic Media Player v6.4, in which case choose the second package.

Answers to the most common questions — After watching the video, you may wish to click the button below to read and review the answers to the most commonly asked questions by people considering the purchase and use of SpinRite:

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