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It works.hard drive data recovery softwareIt works.

The best way to learn what SpinRite 6.0 can do for you is to click the
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You can't beat “Word Of Mouth” for explaining what something can do. And no one does a better
job of describing SpinRite successes than its own users. Be sure to check out some of the eMail
we continually receive from SpinRite's (often amazed and hugely relieved) new purchasers!

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An Independent Review of SpinRite 6.0

KickstartNews recently reviewed our new SpinRite v6.0.
Here's a piece of their experience . . .

The opportunity for the first test appeared only one day after we received our copy of version 6. An 80GB hard drive on one of our busy storage servers decided to pack it in. Prior to trying SpinRite we were still able to access the drive intermittently but it was impossible to copy data or run a file undelete utility. A handful of important files had been written to the drive subsequent to the last backup the previous night; files which we needed within about 48 hours, which meant that a professional data recovery service (with its three week backlog) was out of the question. We removed the drive and installed it in an identical hardware configuration, then booted SpinRite 6 from CD and did a Level 2 recovery (see above for recovery level definitions). After 22 hours, SpinRite completed its work and pronounced the drive fully recovered. We reinstalled the drive in the original server. It ran perfectly, the research assistant who had created the required files copied them off the drive and that was that. Nice job SpinRite 6. The drive was still running fine as we went to publication with this review two weeks after the incident. We used a level 2 setting in SpinRite: Recover Unreadable Data.

You may read  the entire SpinRite 6.0 review  at Kickstartnews.

See what customers who use SpinRite think about it,
and for answers to the most common questions . . .

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A review with Great Screen Shots

Leon Goldstein wrote a SpinRite v6.0 review for the Linux Journal. Leon's review includes shows some great screen shots of SpinRite in operation.

You may read  the entire SpinRite 6.0 review  at The Linux Journal.

Don Watkins talks about SpinRite & me

One of the founding fathers of the PC revolution, Don Watkins, made some room on his site to talk about my work and SpinRite 6.0.  Thanks Don!

Check out that page and Don's great site.

After more than seven months of non-stop development, and more than two months of continuous testing by hundreds of SpinRite 6.0 pre-purchase volunteers, it is with great pride that we have released the sixth major version of SpinRite for upgrade to prior users and sale to new users.

By operating directly upon magnetic storage media at a level below any installed operating system, this major milestone release of SpinRite is able to operate on all Windows XP NTFS formats, all DOS FAT, all Linux file systems, Novell, Macintosh (if temporarily moved into a PC) or anything else — it can even be used to repair and recover the hard drive from an ailing TiVo!

SpinRite v6.0 achieves complete operating system independence by incorporating the FreeDOS operating system. This allows it to be used on any and all Intel/AMD PC systems. As you can see from the Windows screen image above, SpinRite 6.0 can create a bootable diskette or generate a standard, CD-R burnable ISO file to create a "SpinRite boot CD". A bootable SpinRite can also be "installed" into any other motherboard bootable devices, such as USB flashdrives for easy, portable booting and use.

If you are not already familiar with SpinRite's more than two decade history of
seemingly miraculous data recovery, or if you are not sure SpinRite is for you, please
take a few minutes to read some true-life stories from SpinRite's users.

The most common pre-purchase questions can be quickly answered by reading SpinRite's Frequently Asked Questions page. Please check it out!

To learn about SpinRite's history and much of its technology and capabilities, please see our existing, extensive, SpinRite web area and documentation.

Or read what SpinRite's past users have to say about the program and find answers to other questions you might have . . .

Click to see what SpinRite's users have said   Click for answers to the most common questions

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