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SQRL Demonstration


Welcome to GRC's SQRL login demonstration.

Armed with any SQRL client, such as GRC's client for Windows, this system allows Internet users to experience and explore all aspects of SQRL's operation. It also serves as a reference server-side SQRL implementation to aid developers of alternative SQRL clients.

Although SQRL can replace any and all other login systems, it can also coexist alongside any other login system. Since SQRL's adoption will be gradual and incremental, this side-by-side operation, and the ability to support a smooth low-friction transition from traditional username and password systems, is critical to SQRL adoption.

To highlight and explore SQRL's ability to coexist alongside traditional username and password systems, this demonstration offers both SQRL login and traditional username and password. This allows users to experiment with a transition from traditional username login to combined SQRL, or exclusively SQRL, login.

Note:  If you are experimenting with GRC's SQRL client for Windows, you
must download and run it so it can register itself to pop-up when a login
page's “Click to login with SQRL” button is clicked in the web browser.

Secure QR Login (SQRL) Documentation:

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