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Resource links for Security Now! Episode #107:

More Perfect Passwords
(See VIP & PIP items further down)

Here is the diagram of the new "maximum entropy" even more perfect passwords generator I designed and implemented for GRC's Perfect Passwords page:

    This is the page that first raised doubts about the "randomness" quality of the first-generation GRC Perfect Passwords generation. The randomness within the password matters more for making the individual passwords unguessable than the randomness between passwords (which was still very good). But since it was possible to improve even that, I did. The result is not only "state of the art randomness", but also the fastet random number generator tested (since I wrote the whole thing in 10015d4cbcure assembly language.) See this next page . . .
    This page (once it displays) contains a large and comprehensive test of a great many random number generators. Since any good cipher can be used to generate random numbers, that's what I used. And this new random password generator is as good as any other high-tech random number generators. It was able to generate random bytes at the rate of more than 81 million bytes per second on a 3 ghz PC system. Nothing else comes close. That one entry showing "100,000,000 bytes/sec" was not the result of a test, but rather a theoretical maximum by the authors, so it really means little.


    This is the main entry page for the Verisign Labs Personal Identy Provider system, in beta testing but functional as this page is being created.
    The beta PIP VerisignLabs web pages can be a bit difficult to navigate. Here is the link to the information about the Verisign Identity Protection (VIP) Tokens, but a button (at the bottom) to purchase one or more.

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