Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #105

Resource links for Security Now! Episode #105:

Firewall LeakTesting

    The domain's name pretty much says it all. This is a terrific site which does a good job of cataloging the many personal firewall leaktesting application and pitting the various personal firewalls against each other.
  • Firewall Leaktest Results & Comparison
    From this page, scroll down and press the "VIEW RESULTS" button. You will be presented with a comprehensive chart of many leaktesting utilities which have been tested against many of the most popular personal firewalls.
  • Bob Sundling's "TooLeaky" page
    This was the first of the many more sophisticated leaktests to follow mine first simple "Leaktest" utility.
  •'s Terrific Leaktesting Analysis
    Scroll down this page to the leaktest vs firewall grid, then further to their analysis of results. And even further down check-out the vendors' replies to leaktesting. Interesting stuff.

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