Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #95

Resource links for Security Now! Episode #95:


  • This is the main OpenID web site
    This site is a very rich repository of information about the OpenID system.
  • How it works
    This fun introduction is meant to both entertain and clearly demystify the operation of OpenID by following a few simple examples. It's VERY useful!
  • Public OpenID Servers
    Maintained on the OpenID site, this is a list of publicly available OpenID servers. This gives you some sense for the spreading popularity of the OpenID system.
  • Verisign is in the OpenID game too
    This is Verisign's free OpenID system.
  • GetOpenID
    GetOpenID is a terrific and clean OpenID server featuring secure SSL connections.
  • "The Case for OpenID"
    This ZDNet article (with feedback) provides a good overview of the benefits of OpenID. It was written by the guys who have been involved from the start.
  • "OpenID still open to abuse"
    ITWeek's Tim Anderson is somewhat less bullish about the benefits of OpenID. Or perhaps "cautious" would be the best description of his position.

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