Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #86

Resource links for Security Now! Episode #86:

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

  • The Evolution of Cross-Site Scripting Attacks  (176k PDF)
    This is a terrifically written White Paper which does a great job of explaining the problem and solutions to the entire domain of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • A Web Developer's Guide to Cross-Site SCripting  (389k PDF)
    This is another good White Paper discussing the ways and means of Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities. Being oriented toward web developers, it offers some good thoughts about testing a web site and minimizing site vulnerability. The paper's specific recommendations are now a bit dated, so searching around the web may be required. But the paper's foundations are sound.
  • OWASP — The Open Web Application Security Project
    This is a great site for those interested in further exploring the ongoing (and likely neverending) challenge presented by the need for web appliction security.

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