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Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #15

Resource links for Security Now! Episode #15:

Virtual Private Networks (VPN):
Secure Tunneling Solutions

Here are the four VPN secure tunneling services Leo and I mentioned in our discussion of how to use a public wireless access point that is not, itself, providing any wireless link encryption or security:

 Public VPN




 SSL Explorer — A platform-neutral, free, Java-based SSL tunneling system.
This free open-source client and server solution uses a custom server written in JAVA running at a base station — a home or office. Then, any browser can remotely log into the server through a secure SSL connection to access a wide range of services including file transfer and remote desktop management. It use requires an active computer running in the user's home or office, but the client side can be any standard Internet browser located anywhere. This might be a perfect "upgrade" for anyone who is already using SSH tunneling to a remote system since it offers many additional useful features.

TOR is an interesting free system under continuing development. It runs a local proxy server on the local machine to which the user's web browser connects. Web requests are encrypted locally, then routed randomly among several of more than 250 volunteer TOR servers located around the world. After several hops the traffic is decrypted and released onto the Internet. The location of the original web browser is thus deeply hidden.

Various free and open source SSL tunneling solutions have been developed in the past with their development taken to varying stages. In general, these are not "turn-key" ready-to-go solutions:

 PuTTY — The very popular, open-source, SSH client utility

 A step-by-step Windows/PuTTY secure browsing HOWTO
One of our listeners created a clear step-by-step HOWTO guide for setting up a secure and encrypted SSH tunnel for web browsing.

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