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Supplemental Resources and Links for Episode #13

Resource links for Security Now! Episode #13:

Unbreakable WiFi Security
(It's possible to be absolutely safe)

Near the end of Episode #13, I mentioned that I had found a FREE WPA client that would allow users who had WiFi equipped machines running pre-XP Windows, to update their WiFi to support WPA. Here's the web page for the free WPA client software:

 Free WPA Software

You'll note, if you read that page, that they are bent on telling people that using WPA-PSK — WPA with a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) — is not secure.

That's unfortunate nonsense. They are saying this because their non-free solution is $4.95 per month of security overkill and completely unnecessary for typical home and small office security.

As I said during Episode #13, just use a super-strong 63-character nightmare passphrase, arrange to keep it secret, and you'll NEVER need to worry about your superkey being broken.

Set it and forget it . . . literally.

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