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Managing your GRC cookie

Q:Huh?  A GRC cookie?!!
A:Yes.  As new technologies are developed, GRC will be offering its visitors various optional new features and services. GRC's first-party cookie is 'sticky' (persistent) and if not blocked, it will be set, retained, and returned by your web browser to tell us what site features you have chosen to use.

Please also note that the GRC cookie contains a built-in "timestamp" that allows us to determine when the cookie was last set in your browser. This is used below and on our cookie exploration pages to provide you with feedback about the current operation of your browser's cookie management system.


This "SiteOptions" page allows you to customize the GRC web site to suit your individual taste and wishes. Your current settings are shown below. Simply change them if desired then submit the changes to your browser.

 GRC cookie status:  No GRC cookie present.

A GRC site options cookie was not received from your web browser when it requested this site options management page. Either your browser has not yet received a persistent site options cookie or something "filtered" it before it left your computer.

Since a fresh cookie is offered to your browser every time this page is displayed, your browser might now have one. Refresh this page to see whether your browser has now received and is returning a persistent cookie for the "" domain.

If, after refreshing this page you are still seeing this message, something is preventing your browser from receiving and/or returning our persistent "" cookie. Please see our extensive cookie pages for help with configuring your browser to manage cookies any way you wish.

 Update your GRC site cookie:

Only a few option bit settings are in use at this time, though any may be set or reset for experimental purposes. It is probably a good idea not to leave any undefined bits set to "on", since they would take effect in the future when those bit flags started being used.

Specify any options you desire, then submit the form to update your browser's cookie:

Enable TPC top-of-page banners notification
Enable TPC in-menu notification

Bit 03 Bit 04 Bit 05 Bit 06 Bit 07 Bit 08
Bit 09 Bit 10 Bit 11 Bit 12 Bit 13 Bit 14
Bit 15 Bit 16 Bit 17 Bit 18 Bit 19 Bit 20
Bit 21 Bit 22 Bit 23 Bit 24 Bit 25 Bit 26
Bit 27 Bit 28 Bit 29 Bit 30 Bit 31 Bit 32

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