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Episode #908 | 31 Jan 2023 | 88 min.
Data Operand Independent Timing

This week we embark upon another two hour tour to answer some pressing questions: What happens if the vendor of the largest mobile platform begins blocking old and unsafe APIs, and can anything be done to prevent that? What new add-on is now being blocked by the dreaded Mark of the Web? Would you have the courage to say no after your gaming source code was stolen? Is any crypto asset safe, and what trap did our friend Kevin Rose fall victim to last week? How can Meta incrementally move to end-to-end encryption? Isn't it all or nothing? What other new feature did iOS 16.3 bring to the world, what's the latest government to begin scanning its own citizenry, and why aren't they all? Or are they? What spectacular success gives the FBI bragging rights, and why is Russia less than thrilled? What questions have our listeners posed? What's the possible value of making up your own words? How's SpinRite coming? What, is your favorite color? What have Intel and AMD just done to break the world's crypto? And what exactly did ChatGPT reply when it was asked by one of our listeners to explain an SSL certificate chain in the voice of a stoned surfer bro? Leo will present the answer to that in his dramatic reading once the answers to all of the preceding questions have been revealed during this week's gripping episode of Security Now!.
42 MB 11 MB  530 KB   <-- Show Notes 116 KB 72 KB 312 KB

Episode #907 | 24 Jan 2023 | 85 min.
Credential Reuse

This week we again address a host of pressing questions. What other major player fell victim to a credential reuse attack? What does Apple's update to iOS 16.3 mean for the world? And why may it not actually mean what they say? It was bound to happen. To what evil purpose has ChatGPT recently been employed? And are any of our jobs safe? Why was Meta fined by the EU for the third time this year? And which European company did Bitwarden just acquire, and why? PBKDF iteration counts are on the rise and are changing daily. What the latest news there? What other burning questions have our listeners posed this past week? What has Gibson been doing and where the hell is SpinRite? And what does the terrain for credential reuse look like, what can be done to thwart these attacks, and what two simple measures look to have the greatest traction with the least user annoyance? All those questions and more will be answered, hopefully before your podcast player's battery runs dry.
41 MB 10 MB  477 KB   <-- Show Notes 97 KB 68 KB 273 KB

Episode #906 | 17 Jan 2023 | 95 min.
The Rule of Two

This week we're back to answering some questions that you didn't even know were burning. First, is the LastPass iteration count problem much less severe than we thought because they are doing additional PBKDF2 rounds at their end? What sort of breach has Norton LifeLock protected its user's from? And have they really? What did Chrome just do which followed Microsoft and Firefox? And is the Chromium beginning to Rust? Will Microsoft ever actually protect us from exploitation by old known vulnerable kernel drivers? What does it mean that real words almost never appear in random character strings? And what is Google's “Rule of Two” and why does our entire future depend upon it? The answers to those questions and more will be revealed during this next gripping episode of Security Now!
45 MB 11 MB  335 KB   <-- Show Notes 106 KB 73 KB 277 KB

Episode #905 | 10 Jan 2023 | 94 min.

This week, in a necessary follow-up to last week's “Leaving LastPass” episode, we'll share the news of the creation of a terrific PowerShell script, complete with a friendly user interface, which quickly de-obfuscates any LastPass user's XML format vault data. What it reveals is what we expected, but seeing is believing. Then we're going to examine the conclusions drawn and consequences of the massive amount of avid (and in some cases rabid) listener feedback received since last week, and some of the truly startling things that listeners of this podcast discovered when they went looking.
45 MB 11 MB  335 KB   <-- Show Notes 145 KB 78 KB 347 KB

Episode #904 | 03 Jan 2023 | 103 min.
Leaving LastPass

This week, since a single topic dominated the security industry and by far the majority of my Twitter feed and DMs, after a brief update on my SpinRite progress we're going to spend the entire podcast looking at a single topic: LastPass.
50 MB 12 MB  263 KB   <-- Show Notes 156 KB 88 KB 360 KB
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