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How to Verify PatchWork's
Digital Signature

Steps to Verify a Digital Signature:

Use Windows Explorer to locate the PatchWork executable file — probably named "patchwrk.exe". Right-click on the file to display the file's pop-up "context" menu. Then display PatchWork's Properties dialog by selecting the "Properties" menu item at the bottom of the context menu:

Digitally signed executable files have a "Digital Signatures" tab.

To view the file's signatures, select that tab:

In the case of PatchWork, a single digital signature — Gibson Research Corp. — will appear in the Signature List. To display the details of this signature, either double-click the "Gibson Research Corp." line in the Signature List, or select the line then press the "Details" button:

The top of the Digital Signature Details dialog verifies the condition of the chosen signature on the executable.

If the file has not been tampered with since it was signed, and if the digital signature is valid, this page will confirm those facts:

However, if something has altered the file in any fashion, or if the signature is invalid, the Digital Signature Details will show that instead:

Digital Signatures allow you to quickly determine and confirm the authorship of any digitally signed file, and simultaneously verify that the file has not been altered or tampered with in any way.

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