Port Authority Edition – Internet Vulnerability Profiling
by Steve Gibson,  Gibson Research Corporation.

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Port Authority Database

Port 1039



The GRC port database does not currently contain any specific information about this client port. (See below for a discussion of "client" ports.)

Related Ports: 

Background and Additional Information:

No specific data is currently available about this port.

A total of 64512 client ports occupy the range from 1024 through 65535. Although there are many significant ports within this range detailed in this directory, the great majority of client ports are not defined for any specific purpose. They are used as temporary, local "scratch" ports when Internet clients, such as web browsers, eMail, and news clients, connect to the service ports of remote Internet servers.

However, if you feel that this particular port is important enough to warrant specific notice and mention here, please see the note below regarding participation in our online newsgroups. We would like to hear from you.

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