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Spyware Got You Down? Just say NO!
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation
The OptOut User Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about using OptOut!

The current freeware release of OptOut is SO easy to use that not one of the 3,063,549 people who have downloaded it so far have had any question about which button to press. (There's only one!) So the current version owner's guide is pretty short and simple. Here is what the current owner's guide says: "Press that button."

However, the forthcoming commercial release of OptOut (see "The OptOut Program" if you haven't yet) is going to have many MANY more features and options. So it might need a bit more "steering" than OptOut's "Aureate Only" premiere release.

At the time of the commercial version's release, this page will contain a complete online owner's guide for the program. (But we expect that it's still going to be pretty easy to use!)

To continue, please see: The OptOut User's FAQ

You are invited to browse these pages for additional information:

1  OptOut Homepage 
5  Suspected Spyware 
9  Privacy On The Net 
2  Code Of Conduct 
6  The OptOut Program 
10  GRC Privacy Forums 
3  Spyware Analyzer 
7  OptOut User's Guide 
11  Keeping Informed 
4  Known Spyware 
8  OptOut User's FAQ 
12  GRC Privacy FAQ 

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