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Spyware Worries When We Communicate!
by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation
Be Notified of Significant Events!
I've written a very cool, custom, eMail system to keep you in touch.
Our 768,434 current and continuing members agree!

I hate junk mail. I mean I really hate it. I consider it an absolute abuse of my freedom and privacy. And I wouldn't be surprised if you feel the same way. I'm annoyed that my personal eMail address seems to have found its way onto so many of those "ten million verified eMail addresses for you to mail your crap to" databases.

So I would never blame you for feeling very cautious about divulging yours.

But that's the dark side. Non-junk eMail offers some incredible communication benefits: It lets us keep in touch. I can effortlessly share news of original ideas, freeware, updates, and other stuff that you might really care about. The system I built allows you to specify your interests by category — you only receive mail you want. And every note you receive contains a link right back to your own eMail page that allows you to edit your preferences or delete yourself immediately and permanently.

I respect your privacy, absolutely. I appreciate that you trust me with something personal and valuable. No force on Earth could induce me to divulge your private eMail address for any reason . . . ever.  Period.

So I invite you to take a look at my really cool eMail system and consider adding yourself to its growing membership (currently 768,434 members strong!). Click the link or the logo above, or the "To eMail System" icon at the bottom of the page.

I have some very cool ideas and plans for the future — and I will not bug you with a ton of junk. I actually get complaints that I don't send enough eMail. That's because I insist upon the highest quality for what I do send. So I hope we stay in touch . . . It's up to you.

To continue, please see: GRC Privacy FAQ

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