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We are delighted that so many people find Steve's periodic eMailings to be useful and worthwhile. But with 768,434 current members receiving this mail, there is just no way for us to read and reply to individual posts. Therefore, in addition to our existing newsgroups, we have created a special "Newsletter" discussion group to host ongoing discussion of our most recent newsletter . . .

Two Ways to Participate:

 Use ANY standard Internet News Reader!
Our forums run on a standard Usenet News Server to which you can easily point any standard Internet news reader. This is, by far, the recommended means of participating, since the volume of traffic has increased to the point where web-based access is really not feasible for following discussion threads, tracking delayed responses, and seeing what you have and haven't read.

There is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that you already
have a news reader installed in your system!

The standard installations of both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer include news readers. If you have never used them, don't worry, it's just like eMail . . . and now is a terrific time to see what it's all about! To find out, simply click the "news:" link below, or enter the address into your browser's URL "Address" window:


If the link above does not work, you can manually configure any news reader: Simply configure the server name of ''. Then set your reader to use 'anonymous logon', then "connect" to the server and you'll find a list of available newsgroups. Dig in!

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator include built-in
news readers. Or you can download and try Steve's favorite
news reader, GRAVITY by downloading it from Microplanet.
Give it a try! It's a really terrific solution!

 Or, you can certainly use the web-based interface we've provided . . .
Click the "Newsletter Discussions" button below to jump to the web-based Newsletter Discussion forum interface. You might want to do this, initially, just to get a feeling for the forum before setting up a news reader and getting really serious!

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