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Updated: Mar 01, 2008 at 13:16Simply aim your newsreader at!

A Non-GRC-Hosted Web
Interface is Now Available

GRC's own convenient and popular read-only web browser interface to our GRC newsgroups has been taken down due to a problem with its design that allowed it to be abused. It will eventually be re-written and brought back online.

In the meantime, one of GRC's long-time and valuable newsgroup participants (known as "Dutch" in the groups) has kindly made his own server and newsreading pages available to GRC's visitors. You are invited to click the link below to jump away from GRC's site and over to Dutch's in order to browse the current content of our groups with your web browser . . .

That said, if you haven't already, you REALLY should (really really) check out a traditional full news reading client. They are SO much nicer to use than any sort of web-based system could be. Both Netscape and Outlook Express have news reading clients built-in, so you probably don't even need to install any new software.

The one I use and love is called "Gravity". It was once commercial software before it went open-source. Gravity is feature-packed, powerful and free. I endorse its use without reservation and I am providing it myself for your download and installation:  (2.1 MB)

The file is a 2.1 megabyte executable setup program that installs cleanly into a directory on any Windows system, and can easily be completely removed if you don't end up loving it. Allow me to urge you to give Gravity a try. Once you've used newsgroups with a real newsreader you'll see how wonderful they can be.

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