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Dragged Kicking & Screaming into the 21st Century

They said it would never happen, and they were almost right.

But it's true. GRC and Steve now both have individual Twitter accounts, blogs, and RSS feeds. And it appears to be a good thing.

eMail system shutting down after eleven years:
It was a victim of its own success. The trouble was, over those eleven years from 1999, we accumulated 794,090 individual eMail addresses and members. But it's just not possible to send infrequent eMail to that many people without being erroneously flagged as a massive Internet spammer. So we are terminating the eMail system and asking everyone to please (at least) subscribe to the GRC Corporate News Blog at That way YOU can get a short note whenever we have some news to share.

And if you'd like even more, you can also subscribe to Steve's personal blog at

The GRC blog, twitter, and RSS feed will be low-traffic and reserved exclusively for announcements of GRC's new services, features, freeware, and commercial offerings. Steve's personal side will be higher-traffic and contain stuff that he thinks others might find interesting.

blog iconThe best way to understand what's going on is to check out the three inaugural blog postings:

1tThe GRC News Blog:2008 & 2009 — How were the years 2008 and 2009 spent?
1tThe GRC News Blog:May 2010 — The Plan for 2010...
1tSteve's Personal Blog:Steve Gets a Blog! — Could it really be true?
You can subscribe to receive notice of blog updates from GRC's and Steve's blog pages.

If you are a Twitter follower, you are invited to join the 35,129 people who are currently following Steve's personal Twitter account (for his more frequent tweets), and also possibly the 8,123 followers of his separate “pad computing” Twitter channel, and/or the 15,552 people who are currently following GRC (for much less frequent GRC-only news and updates). So here's the lineup:

Three Twitter Accounts:

Why all those Twitter accounts? My reasoning is that since it's so easy (and free) to “follow” a Twitter stream, and since some Twitter users might only care about GRC business stuff, or might not care at all about “pad computing”, why not let me and Twitter select the “channel” so that you're not bothered by stuff you don't want, and if you do want it all, just follow all three accounts . . . and you'll get everything.

If you use RSS (really simple syndication) to keep track of news that interests you, both of our Twitter feeds and both blogs publish RSS feeds that you can monitor to receive news of updates:

Twitter RSS:

Blogs RSS:

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