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We have been privileged to build a terrific relationship with ZD/TechTV.

Through the years, Steve has been invited to share his
work, software, and thinking with Leo Laporte, Jim
Louderback, and other TechTV personalities.

Click of Death & Trouble In Paradise
Steve meets Leo Laporte for the first time to discuss the Click of Death and "Trouble In Paradise" (TIP). Iomega's David Hellier later joins them by telephone.June 17, 1998
Screensavers on ZDTV

Playing Time: 12:56

MP4 Video: 38.5 MB
MP3 Audio: 3.0 MB

Steve and Leo discuss Steve's further research into Click Death and demonstrate Steve's "Trouble In Paradise" (TIP) freeware.November 06, 1998
Screensavers on ZDTV

Playing Time: 09:13

MP4 Video: 21.3 MB
MP3 Audio: 2.1 MB

ShieldsUP! & Internet Security
The Screensaver's Kate Botello independently discovers ShieldsUP! and introduces it for the first time to Leo and the Screensaver's audience.November 20, 1999
Screensavers on ZDTV

Playing Time: 04:22

MP4 Video: 10.2 MB
MP3 Audio: 1.0 MB

On "Call for Help", Leo and a Netcam caller discuss Internet security, hacking, Trojans, file sharing, and ShieldsUP!December 09, 1999
Call for Help on ZDTV

Playing Time: 04:39

MP4 Video: 13.4 MB
MP3 Audio: 1.1 MB

Several months later, Steve hangs out with Leo on his "Call for Help" show discussing Internet security and ShieldsUP!March 02, 2000
Call for Help on ZDTV

Playing Time: 09:21

MP4 Video: 20.1 MB
MP3 Audio: 2.2 MB

PatchWork, LeakTest & NetFilter
The Screensaver's Leo Laporte and Steve discuss his recent security and privacy work: PatchWork, LeakTest, and NetFilter.April 09, 2001
Screensavers on TechTV

Playing Time: 05:32

MP4 Video: 13.9 MB
MP3 Audio: 1.2 MB

Web Surfing Security & Privacy
TechTV's Steve Abrams and Jim Louderback interview Steve about concerns and solutions for web surfing privacy.April 10, 2001
TechLive on TechTV

Playing Time: 05:23

MP4 Video: 9.8 MB
MP3 Audio: 1.2 MB

Our Distributed Denial of Service Attack
Steve joins TechTV's Leo Laporte by satellite to discuss the May 4th & 5th, 2001, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on GRC.COM.May 09, 2001
TechLive on TechTV

Playing Time: 05:15

MP4 Video: 8.0 MB
MP3 Audio: 1.2 MB

Windows XP and Raw Socket Access
Before Windows XP was completed, Steve made one last plea to Microsoft to restrict Windows XP's user access to full raw sockets.August 15, 2001
TechLive on TechTV

Playing Time: 04:03

MP4 Video: 6.6 MB
MP3 Audio: 0.9 MB

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