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GRC's Prime Directive: No one receives unwanted email from us.

No third party will ever obtain any email address entrusted to us. Unsubscribe requests are honored instantly. Sending email is a pain, so we have no interest in ever annoying you with anything you don't want. All email you receive includes an immediate unsubscribe button. If our email ever annoys you, please unsubscribe.

GRC maintains three separate subscriber lists:

  1. Product News: Owners of GRC's commercial products (currently only SpinRite) may participate in a product news and announcement list managed through their product license page.
  2. General News: For anyone wishing to be informed of new or updated GRC products, freeware, or website services.
  3. Security Now!: A weekly summary of each Security Now! podcast with a link to the podcast's show notes.

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