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by Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation

LeakTest News & History

Dec. 7, 2000Personal Firewalls Fail the Leak Test
by Brian McWilliams, InternetNews
Dec. 11, 2000Fascinating Free Firewall Testing Tool
by Fred Langa, The LangaList
Dec. 11, 2000Personal firewalls not so safe
by Scott Berinato, ZDNet eWeek
Dec. 11, 2000Personal firewalls easy to breach
by Scott Berinato, MSNBC
Dec. 11, 2000Security Crusader Punches Holes in Firewalls
by Sean Captain, PC World
Dec. 12, 2000LeakTest — A Cautionary Review
Dec. 12, 2000Firewall makers scramble as security gadfly exposes flaw
by Sean Captain, PC World
Dec. 13, 2000Security Crusader Punches Holes in Firewalls
by Sean Captain,
Dec. 21, 2000Is your firewall doing its job?
by Robert Wright, The Toronto Star
Dec. 21, 2000Security Center - GRC's LeakTest 1.0
by Scot Finnie,
Jan. 22, 2001Does Your PC Leak?
by Bill Machrone, PC Magazine
Jan. 30, 2001Firewalls Plug Holes Revealed by Security Test
by Cameron Crouch,

LeakTest Program Version History

v1.00Dec. 9, 2000 - Initial Release
First feature-complete release of LeakTest.
v1.01Dec. 13, 2000 - 'First Use' Pop-Up Help Dialog Added
A great number of people who were not reading the web-site information, or who were receiving pass-around copies of LeakTest, were confused about the program's intent. They were permitting the program to access the Internet, then becoming upset by LeakTest's claim to have "Penetrated" their firewall. So, I added a pop-up dialog to instructs first-time users to say "NO" when their firewall requests permission for LeakTest to use the Internet. After appearing once, LeakTest marks itself "read-only" to suppress repetitions of the pop-up help dialog.
v1.02Dec. 14, 2000 - Additional Operational Clarifications
Added another "first-time only" message explaining that LeakTest is more of a "research tool" than a "press and go" utility and asking them to please see the first two LeakTest web pages.
The "Expanded Help" mode will now be automatically active the first time (only) LeakTest is used. I'm hoping that they will then be more likely to read the explanations there.
Added clarifications to both of the "success" and "failure" result explanations. Again, hoping to reduce their confusion.
Updated the internal LeakTest web site URL.
v1.1Nov. 3, 2001 - BlackICE Defender "LeakTest Cheat" Update
An update to the BlackICE Defender personal firewall/IDS product added specific behavior to detect and block LeakTest. This would have been fine (terrific even) if the update would have also blocked any real Trojans. But NetworkICE only arranged to block LeakTest — apparently so that their users would believe that BID was now actually "leak proof", even though it hadn't actually changed significantly in that respect.

LeakTest was simply updated to use a different IP address ( and port (80) and it again penetrated through BID without any trouble.

You are invited to browse these LeakTest pages:

How to Use LeakTest 1.x

Personal Firewall Scoreboard

Firewall Vendor Responses

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy
Hardware Firewalls/NAT Routers

Tracking Firewall Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

LeakTest News & History

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