NOW SpinRite 6.1 – Fast and useful for spinning and solid state mass storage!
A simple-to-use, highly reliable
USB memory stick formatter.

InitDisk's technology was developed for GRC's next release of SpinRite. SpinRite needed a new, foolproof, hyper-robust USB drive formatter which could quickly, painlessly and safely reformat any USB memory device and make it bootable.

InitDisk is a simple-to-use Windows command line “console” utility that can also be run by right-clicking its icon and selecting “Run as administrator”. It will prompt its user to insert the USB device they wish to reformat, will display confirming information about the device, then await clear permission to proceed. If permission is given, the USB device will receive a fresh FAT format.

For maximum compatibility, InitDisk formats with an MBR and FAT (12/16/32) partition. Its maximum drive size is 2.2 terabytes.

Experience has shown that USB thumb drives believed
to be dead may be brought back to life with InitDisk.

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InitDisk accepts one optional command-line token:

Release history:

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