NOW SpinRite 6.1 – Fast and useful for spinning and solid state mass storage!

Easily manage Windows 10 and 11
out-of-control updating and upgrading.

Unattended/automated operation
InControl includes scriptable command-line switches to perform and automate its operation.

Typical command line:   InControl.exe control version 10 feature 21H2

In this example, if the system was already at version 10 feature 21H2, then “control” by itself would have the same effect. But if, for example, the system was at 21H1, this would request Windows Update to move to 21H2, where it would then remain forever until it was released from control.

Note that the presence of the command verbs triggers the program's actions. There is no need for additional “escape” prefixes such as ‘-’ or ‘/’ though they may be added if desired.


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