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Healthy Sleep Formula

These three natural, safe and inexpensive supplements
combine to powerfully promote healthy sleep.


Take any one of the niacinamides and each of the other two before
bedtime to get to sleep, and remain asleep, through the night.

I have no formal training or certification in medicine. I am a self-informed health hobbyist. You must not assume that anything here represents anything more than my own lay opinion and a reporting of my own findings. This Formula uses widely available and widely used off-the-shelf dietary supplements which I and many others have found to be safe and effective. But we are all different. So I cannot, and do not, assume any responsibility for your unique reactions to the use of these or other supplements. You should run this past your own personal physician to obtain the opinion of a certified medical professional.

Who should this HSF help?
Having “no insomnia” generally means that long periods of wakefulness rarely occur. Non-insomniacs fall asleep quickly and remain asleep (or quickly return to sleep) throughout the night to obtain a healthy total duration of sleep. “Insomnia” disturbs this ideal by thwarting the person's ability to initiate and/or to maintain sleep.

Together, this Formula's specific niacinamide and melatonin are effective in helping to maintain sleep. But their effects are deliberately delayed. The addition of oleamide enhances the sleep maintenance provided by the first two ingredients but also offers relief for those who experience difficulty initiating sleep at the start of the night. This formula is effective for resolving both forms of insomnia. It will help initiate sleep (within 10 to 20 minutes) as well as either keep its user asleep all night, or allow them to quickly return to sleep after a waking interruption.

Here is sample of typical feedback we receive from successful users of these ingredients:

Janice Morse (via twitter from @sassyjan1209)
Hi Steve, my son listens to your podcast. I have not had a good night's sleep since 1978, I have been diagnosed with all three forms of sleep apnea. I have had 8 sleep studies, the conclusion is that I never hit REM sleep, I live being exhausted at all times. I wake up exhausted and shook up from nightmares. My son brought over the niacinamide and melatonin. The first night I only got up once, instead of the usual every 25 minutes, with a headache, but I gave it another night, and WOW, not only did I get up only once, but I woke up rested, ready to go for the day, and had a pleasant dream. WOW! Now I've had my 5th successful night in a row, and I am not only looking forward to going to bed, my entire demeanor has changed, I am so excited. If I continue to respond to these natural remedies this is a life changer. Thank you. I will pray that this information gets out to more sufferer's, I certainly will do my best. Janice Morse
I asked Janice if I could share her feedback publicly, she replied:
Absolutely, use it. I have never imagined I would ever have energy, and happiness. I had no idea what lack of sleep was actually costing me. I am giddy with hope.
I have not yet actively solicited feedback from the HSF's users because, until recently, it has been difficult for people to obtain all of the ingredients due to this Formula's popularity and the single-sourcing of some of this Formula's ingredients. I plan to ask for people's experiences later in 2016 after there has been time for more people to acquire useful experience.

Will it knock you out?
No. After helping to initiate sleep, this formula is not designed or expected to heavily sedate its user and prevent all mid-sleep awakenings due to bladder urgency, acid reflux, loud noise, or other nocturnal disturbances. It has proven to be effective in dramatically shortening those awakenings to allow its user to return quickly to sleep.

Locating & purchasing the HSF ingredients
Please see the individual ingredient details below for the functional role of each of the formula's ingredients. The following provides a purchasing and brief overview.

Niacinamide1500 mg100 $10.76 $8.91 $8.91 $10.79 $8.99 $7.91
Niacinamide1000 mg100 $16.75 $14.24
Niacinamide500 mg100 $4.99 $4.24 $3.86
Melatonin1 mg90 $4.90 $5.36 $4.94 $7.49 $6.30
OleamidevariesPowder $16.88 Available from Liftmode in 20g & 50g sizes
Amazon's prices tend to fluctuate and are provided here for those who prefer buying from Amazon.

HSF dosage, rules of thumb
The following guidelines serve to frame the dosages used in this Healthy Sleep Formula. After consulting this section, see the “HSF dosage protocol” section to determine the optimum HSF ingredient dosage for your needs:

How to determine the HSF dosage that's optimal for you
It would be so much simpler if the same HSF prescription was optimal for everyone. But in this regard our growing base of experience is demonstrating just how different we each are. My own insomnia is extremely stubborn and highly resistant to external influence. So I need to take the maximum dosage of each ingredient: 1mg Melatonin, 3000mg (two of the 1500mg Source Naturals niacinamide) and 1000mg of oleamide (which is 20 level “microscoops”). But that dosage would be excessive for most people, leaving them with an “HSF hangover” the following day. My best friend's insomnia is identical to mine in severity, and it successfully resisted all interventions prior to this one. But his metabolism is much more sensitive than mine, so he just “nibbles” a piece of one niacinamide tablet, takes one melatonin and 250mg (5 microscoops) of oleamide.

So both of us have our very similar insomnia perfectly resolved
with the HSF ingredients, though at very different dosages.

Given that you are a perfect and unique snowflake, you will need to experimentally determine the optimal dosage of each of the three HSF ingredients within the guidelines provided above. The good news is that what's right for a single person appears to be very stable: You will only need to go through his once to determine what's right for you for many years.

The follow step-by-step procedure will guide you through the process of determining how much of what to take for the best results:

Healthy Sleep Formula  ~  Dosage Determination Protocol
  1. Always start by taking the one, 1mg melatonin. It is a very low "enabling" dose that may be necessary and is extremely unlikely to cause trouble. Once you have arrived at ideal sleep with the proper doses of the other two ingredients you can experiment with removing the melatonin to determine whether you need it.
  2. Determine the niacinamide dosage for you (up to a maximum of 3000mg per night) when combined with the melatonin, reliably provides a sound night's sleep without resulting in next-morning hangover. If you can find such a dosage, which allows you to stay asleep or return to sleep if you awaken, congratulations, you're done. Enjoy your sleep. But, if there is no dosage of niacinamide, up to 3000mg, which keeps you asleep or allows you to quickly return to sleep without next-morning hangover, then you will need to add oleamide...
  3. Add Oleamide: While holding the melatonin and niacinamide dosage constant at the maximum amount of niacinamide (up to 3000mg) that does not cause next morning hangover (even if it doesn't keep you asleep), determine the dosage of oleamide that keeps you asleep or allows you to quickly return to sleep all night. Typical oleamide dosages range from 250mg to 1000mg.
  4. If you have sleep initiation insomnia, where you lay awake wishing to fall asleep, you will want to add oleamide for sleep initiation even if you don't need it to remain asleep. Oleamide is a fast-acting, safe and gentle sleep inducing sedative. The niacinamide and melatonin have a much slower onset, so they are useful only for sleep maintenance but not for its initiation.
  5. Finally, you might try dropping the melatonin: Once you have achieved stable nightly sleep with the proper dosage of niacinamide and (optionally) oleamide, you can experiment with eliminating the melatonin to determine whether it is needed. If it is not needed it can be safely eliminated.

Measuring the oleamide powder
Liftmode's oleamide is supplied in either 20 or 50 gram canisters of coarse-grain loose powder. The powder is nearly tasteless and is easy to wash down with a sip of water. If it had to taste like something, we would probably be mild plastic. An evening's dose of the powder can be measured into a shot glass or other small container, then poured and held into your mouth, and washed down with a bit of water. The powder is very coarse, not fine, so handling and swallowing it is easy.

Each canister includes what we call a “microscoop” (because it's very tiny):


One level “microscoop” of oleamide is 50mg of the powder.

Since one level “microscoop” of oleamide is 50mg of the powder, and a minimum effective dose is probably about 250mg, that would be five level microscoops. However, larger doses are typically used (I use 1000mg, which would be 20 of the microscoops.) But measuring out that many scoops would quickly become tedious. So you may wish to use larger standard size measuring teaspoons instead. They are readily available from Amazon and elsewhere online, and you may already have some on hand. The approximate weight per measure of oleamide powder is provided in this table:

1 microscoop50 mg
1/32 teaspoon125 mg
1/16 teaspoon250 mg
1/8 teaspoon500 mg
1/4 teaspoon1000 mg

The exact dosage is arbitrary, of course. You only need to be able to conveniently approximate the same dose on successive nights.

Initial daytime tests of this Niacinamide and this Melatonin
Although niacinamide and melatonin have very long histories of safe use by millions of people over more than 50 years, everyone's body and starting condition is different. So everyone's reaction will be different. Before taking these together at night, it would be prudent to try each one by itself in the morning while you will be awake. Melatonin should not normally be taken during the day, but once won't disturb anything. Some people have noted that melatonin gives them a headache. This time-release version, at 1mg, should be very gentle, and the niacinamide by itself should be mildly relaxing but not sedative without the melatonin, especially at a lower dosage. You simply want to double-check that you won't have any adverse reaction late at night, so a quick daytime test makes sense. Especially if your body does tends to be highly sensitive to additives.

The idea here is to make sure you don't have any sort of “paradoxical” negative reaction to either of these supplements. If you are going to, finding out during daylight will be much less inconvenient. This is overly cautious since these are both very tame supplements, and this is likely unnecessary. But if these supplements are new to you it makes sense to proceed with a bit of caution.

The physiology of wakefulness and sleep
Waking and sleeping are all about cycles of competing pressures.

What goes wrong?
As we age, some peoples' melatonin-producing pineal glands become calcified. This reduces evening melatonin production and the gentle sedation it is meant to provide. Some peoples' physiological responses to the daily stresses inherent in the world we have created exhaust their adrenal glands, pushing their cortisol out of its normal “low at night” rhythm. And if a person's histamine level fails to drop in the evening, a state of heightened wakefulness can stubbornly remain, making sleep onset difficult or impossible. The evening use of artificial light sources with high blue light content such as televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, and the increasing move away from less energy efficient yellow incandescent lighting to high blue content LEDs, conspire to keep us awake, alert and agitated. And, finally, all of the cycles described above are inherently gentle and gradual. The design of our metabolism suggests a much more relaxed and slow pace. Yet in our rush to cram as much into each day as possible, many people expect to fall asleep immediately, on command, after being keyed up and excited by an action packed movie which was stimulating their minds and washing their optic nerves in daylight. Our poor brains have no idea what's going on.

Once asleep, restorative processes begin to work. The previous day's accumulated adenosine, which had built-up to make us sleepy, starts being metabolized and removed in preparation for the following morning. Cortisol, which had (hopefully) hit bottom in the late evening, begins its slow daily rise (hopefully not too soon). Ideally, approximately eight hours after going to sleep the increasing pressures of wakefulness will outweigh the diminishing pressures to sleep and we will gently return to consciousness after a deeply refreshing long night's sleep. But if the nocturnal sleeping pressures lack strength or diminish too soon, or the natural waking pressures are too pronounced, our eyes may open after many fewer than the optimal eight hours.

The Original HSF Mechanism of Operation
The first-generation HSF was very instructive. It used an array of amino acids and melatonin to calm and relax its user's brain by gently reducing neural stimulation. While it was successful for many people, it was not successful for everyone. It was built around and largely dependent upon the original decades old formulation of “Seriphos”, the brand name for a phosphatidylserine substrate precursor which worked in concert with several of the formula's other ingredients. The formula was critically wounded when Seriphos was reformulated and lost most of its strength. And speaking of “the other ingredients,” the first generation formula required the use of six different supplements, several which were not inexpensive. And for some people, multiples of some supplements were needed to obtain sufficient strength.

The other problem we had was with effect duration. Our bodies are quite efficient and most ingested substances will be processed within a few hours. A stomach full of food will generally delay this, but only perhaps for an additional hour. So, around the middle of the night, when the pressures to keep us asleep have been diminishing for hours, and we most need the Formula's calming effects, most of it will be leaving our brains and bodies, either excreted in urine or metabolized by our livers into some other less useful substance. For many people, the “launch” was effective enough to carry them through the night, but I wanted something more effective.

HSF v2 Mechanism of Operation
The primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brains is known as GABA, which is an abbreviation for gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. The 1st-generation HSF included GABA itself, which the phosphatidylserine derived from Seriphos escorted across the blood brain barrier. And the 1st-gen HSF amino acids taurine and l-theanine both encourage the action of GABA through differing mechanisms. An effective healthy sleep formula is one which, without developing tolerance or dependence and using individually healthful dietary supplements, can increase the inhibitory, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and sedative effects of GABA only during the night, to help its user sleep, but leaving them awake and alert in the morning. A future edition of this page will describe and diagram the molecular mechanisms by which this 2nd-generation HSF accomplishes this. In the meantime, the short version is:

First, how exactly does GABA work? Okay. So how do the two HSF ingredients modify this GABAergic system?

In my pre-release experiments, neither works without the other. But when both are taken together, and without any increase in the absolute amount of GABA present, melatonin increases the GABA receptors' opening rate while niacinamide increases the effect of every GABA receptor opening. And because both the melatonin and niacinamide are delivered in extended time-release tablets, this effect endures throughout the night to help us remain asleep.

Pleasant Dreams!

Healthy Sleep Formula:

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