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“ Live Long & Prosper ”
Explorations into Healthy Longevity

Eat right, Exercise, Live right

Computers & technology are lifelong passions that have been my career. But I am a human being with a biological body which I love and appreciate. Consequently, studying, learning about and practicing “health” is a hobby and another passion.

It is not my goal to live forever, nor to live much longer than the point where I stop having this much fun being alive. But it is my goal to keep having fun being alive as long as possible. So I am willing to invest some time and attention every day in ways that I believe will add many more days of fun to this precious life.

That we exist is astounding. That I exist fills me with awe. The more I learn about the incredibly intricate details that make all of this possible—that make ME possible—the more amazed and appreciative I become.

Topics in Health

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