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Subject:Seeking comment for upcoming article
Date:Wed, 02 Aug 2017 15:03:12 -0700
From:Fact Check <>

Steven Tiberious Gibson,

We at the website, which shall not be named, are seeking comment for
an upcoming story about your re-use of testimonials for the
long-broken (on machines made this decade) SpinRite program. These are
passed off as new.

The one on the most recent Security Now 622 was particularly
egregious, as you pretended never to have heard of the KSOD, while you
first read this testimonial on November 11, 2014 in 2014 on SN 481.

We have several other examples (archived as well).

Would you care to provide a comment/response/rebuttal for the article
before it goes to press?

We would have privately "eMail"ed you, but in your own words from :

> eMail: NO.     Newsgroups: YES!

> I very much wish I had the time to communicate with people
> individually. But, as you will see on this page, time is my
> most precious and limited asset. I have committed myself to
> accomplishing so much that I am left with no time to
> respond to individual eMail notes and questions.

We are respecting your wishes and posting the request here in your

Please reply here as well. This email does not accept replies, and out
of respect for not promoting the website which shall not be named
here, the domain isn't even correct.

You are invited to participate in our online community:























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