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Subject:Re: XP SP2 Firewall might have a major issue that users need to know about.
Date:Mon, 29 Nov 2004 20:51:00 GMT
From:Le Flake <>

mikkl wrote:

> Well, even with your recommended setting, I lost the ability to Browse the 
> Workgroup once I disabled the firewall and waiting long enough for the 
> Browse Master to stabilize.  I received a "you don't have sufficient 
> permission" error.
> Since I haven't seen a problem with the Firewall service running and the 
> firewall disabled, I figure I will leave well enough alone and leave the 
> service on Automatic as I do occasionally need to browse the workgroup.

Looks like you were right on with that setting selection!

Following your post, I sat down and tested every $^&%@^#~! combination
of the Computer Browser Service, the Windows Firewall/Service and the
Security Centre service. ;)

To show my workgroup (Mshome) and my computer in Network Places> Entire 
Network> MicroSoft Windows Network> immediately following a reboot.

The computer is on a LAN with several groups and many computers but my
computer was the only computer in the MSHOME group. This means that my
computer's "Computer Browser" would not have to battle for election with
another Master Browser run by another computer that belonged in
MSHOME... there weren't any. The thrd-party software firewall, Kerio 
2.1.5 was not activated for this test; my computer was protected by the 
router's NAT.

In order for my computer to show up *immediately* in Network Places 
following a reboot, the Windows Firewall *service* has to be set to 
Automatic and Started before the reboot. The Windows Firewall 
application can be set to "On", "On - no exceptions" or "Off", it 
doesn't matter. What's critical is that the Windows Firewall service is 
started. The computer browser service must also be set to Automatic and 
started. The security centre service is not involved and can be started 
or stopped.

Here's the final result.... ;)

Le Flake
from deepest, darkest Québec

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