NOW SpinRite 6.1 – Fast and useful for spinning and solid state mass storage!
...because it really IS all about you!

Please Note: GRC employs full time managers to handle all product sales and support needs. You can always find “Sales Support” and “Technical Support” under the “Home” menu at the top left.
This feedback submission page's form had become overrun with “form spam.” (Yes, sadly, believe it or not, that's a thing. Bots pound away on a website form, submitting crap.) So, it had become difficult to find real submissions among the nonsense.
But also, GRC needed an email system for announcing SpinRite v6.1, future commercial software, freeware, web services and everything else. So it is now possible to send Security Now! podcast feedback directly to Steve through email! (Which is more convenient that using a web form, anyway.)
  1. Register the email account you will use to send email:
    • Visit our User-Managed Email page to enter your email address.
    • When you receive an address-verification email, click its “Continue” button.
    • All you need to do, then, is click the “Update Subscriptions” button on your subscriptions management page. There is no need to subscribe to any of our mailings – but you're welcome to, if you're interested.
  2. You may now address any email to:
    • With your email now known to our system, anything you send to Steve at the SecurityNow address will be received by him.

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