The Mixed Blessing of a Crappy PRNG
June 25, 2024
  • The weaponization of Window's recent horrific WiFi flaw.
  • The U.S. Commerce Department totally bans Kaspersky.
    (And the Kremlin renews its ban on the use of Western I.T.)
  • A misguided EU privacy watchdog files a complaint against Google's Privacy Sandbox.
  • The politics of email tracking.
  • Might you be able to help a well known security researcher present his work at DEFCON and BlackHat this summer?
  • Another near-certainty for Microsoft's plan for Recall: Profiling its user for advertising.
  • Two mistakes I've recently made on the podcast.
  • Why might a really bad password generator wind up being a good thing?
Security Now! #980 complete show notes
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