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DNS BenchmarkDNS Benchmark
System Menu Options & Commands
The power-user's guide to advanced benchmark features.

“You can't optimize it until you can measure it”

appiconA little-known feature of Windows (which has been present ever since Windows version 1.0) is the so-called “System Menu.” It is accessed on any Windows application by either clicking the left mouse button on the application window's icon — at the far upper-left of the application's window — or by clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the application's title bar.

Most applications' System Menus present a relatively boring set of commands having to do with managing the application's window; Move, Size, Restore, Maximize, Minimize, Close, etc. And since there are other more obvious ways to do all of those things, the System Menu has historically received very little attention. However, in the case of many of GRC's applications, which are not complex enough to require a traditional set of Window menus running along the top left, the System Menu provides a handy place for us to tuck our applications' “power-user features” with which we didn't wish to clutter and confuse the main application.

As you can see below, the DNS Benchmark's System Menu is chock full of goodies:

systemmenuMost of the options on the Benchmark's System Menu will already be familiar to you if you have previously studied the Features & Operation Walkthrough page. For the sake of completeness, and to create a comprehensive reference for the Benchmark's System Menu, those descriptions will be duplicated here.

What next?

If you have studied this page and the preceding Features & Operation Walkthrough page, you will now have a very good idea of the operation and capabilities of the DNS Benchmark.

For real power-users, the Benchmark's command-line features — described on the Command-Line Operation Reference page — provide even more power and flexibility, as well as the ability to fully automate the Benchmark's operation. That would be your next logical step if you're still wanting to dig deeper.

GRC's DNS Benchmark Pages:

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