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Also on the Web . . .

This site has a really TERRIFIC collection of eBook-related links for additional information. Check it out!!
Microsoft's ClearType Site containing links to additional information. The Microsoft Typography Site also provides additional resources.
Jacobo Valdes (Ductus, Inc.) has some strong opinions to share arguing against my contention that sub-pixel font rendering is a good thing. He likes the term "pixel borrowing" instead, and feels that all we need is greater resolution for our screens and his proprietary, improved, anti-aliasing technology (which is for sale.) Interesting reading in any case.
This Sfx Designer Site has some good and interesting information. However, you should be aware that their sample of 'ClearType' rendering is a hybrid of anti-aliasing and sub-pixel approaches. Although this is close to correct, anti-aliasing is not the correct model to follow for generating gray-scale values in this case.
This 'Hand Anti-Aliased Fonts' Site contains some interesting thoughts, though focuses on standard whole-pixel gray-scale anti-aliasing.
This site talks about Microsoft's 'ClearType' technology and tries to provide technical insight. Its author does provide some useful ideas, but his strong anti-Microsoft bias significantly colors some of his conclusions.

How Sub-Pixel Font
Rendering Works
Turning Theory
into Practice
The Free & Clear
Rendering Demo
The True Origins
of these Ideas
Q & A
Other Resources
on the Web
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