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Locating Your Current
Product's Serial Number(s)

Product upgrade discounts are authorized and qualified by the provision of the user's previous product version serial number. The instructions below will assist you in locating and determining the serial number of the software being upgraded. Serial numbers will be verified against our records to authorize and continue processing your upgrade order:

 Locating SpinRite's Serial Number:

SpinRite's serial number is shown on the initial second and third screens shortly after the product is started. To view the serial number: Start SpinRite as you usually do and examine the second or third displayed screens. On the third screen, the serial number appears in the lower right corner of the central dialog box . . . as shown here:

 In Case of Trouble

If you have misplaced your copy of the product you wish to upgrade you may contact our office by eMail at . Please provide as much information as possible about your previous purchase: SpinRite version, your name, address, city & state, zip code (at the time of your purchase) and approximate date of purchase, if known. We will locate your previous purchase record and reply as quickly as possible with your previous product's serial number. Our Assistance from our Office page contains instructions for contacting our office if you cannot locate or run your previous product version.

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